Sunday, September 21, 2008

Time Warner Cable : MYSTRO

Ok, allow me the chance for a little personal rant & rave.  Tonight at the beginning of the Emmy Awards, my cable service (through Time Warner Cable), went out with their new "MYSTRO" operating system, re-booting (Which it does alllllll toooo often).  Then as if that was not bad enough, 30 minutes into "True Blood", it reboots again.....
This has gone on way to often.  The MYSTRO system, as I understand it, was introduced to increase the bandwidth and availability of HD channels, but the system, to put it mildly, SUCKS. There is constant re-booting, the time for the system to respond is 10 times longer than the old system and if you don't have a DVR box, then the system is dreadful.  I literally can count to 10 before the channels will change.  It is dreadful.  Tomorrow I'm calling DIRECT  TV to check out and see when would be the earliest that I can switch over.  Time Warner Cable....YOU SUCK!

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