Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Listings in Carrboro & Durham

Here's a lovely Carrboro Townhouse in pristine condition that we have just listed. 119 Fidelity St. #G2 $155,000

In Durham's Woodcroft neighborhood, this beautiful end unit townhouse is also listed at $155,000 635 Windsong Lane

To search for all listings currently available in Durham, Chapel Hill or Carrboro, visit TeamJodi.com


For all those Tarheel fans out there here is a new logo for you taking into account Ty Lawson and his 9 toes :)


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Battlestar Galactica Takes Over the United Nations

This post comes from Io9.com.

"Last night, I sat among the Twelve Colonies with Admiral Adama and President Roslin at the United Nations' ECOSOC Chamber, to talk about human rights issues, and fill the space with "So Say We All." Backed by the bizarre red-and-white U.N. curtains, Ronald D. Moore, Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell and David Eick gathered to discuss the direct correlation between Battlestar Galactica and the present day work at the United Nations. Whoopi "Guinan" Goldberg moderated the entire panel and I have to say, even though I'm not the biggest View supporter, Goldberg's grasp of current issues and encyclopedic fan knowledge of BSG combined perfectly to give a bit of levity to the night's presentation.
The panel launched into a moving discourse, prompted by a collection of retrospective clips from BSG about human rights in both the science-fictional and modern day worlds. United Nations workers sat next to the Admiral, and spoke from the heart about extreme human rights abuses around the world, after viewing a scene from the first season, with Starbuck torturing Cylon Leoben with a water bucket and a smirk, and the brutal abuse of Pegasus Six. For every clip, the "real world" speaker shared how these shameful and violating acts continue across the globe, and sadly aren't limited to dark space operas. Human Rights Deputy Director Craig Mokhiber lamented that even the utopian ideal the United Nations was formed around was considered, by some, science fiction. "We look at it in a different way," Mokhiber explained. "It's true that we are an idealistic organization... but we are focused on international law and diplomacy to settle disputes. We don't see it as utopian, we see it as the only reasonable alternative to what inevitably would be a horrific dystopian society."
At one point the discussion lit a fire under the Admiral, and the talk of human rights turned personal for Edward James Olmos. The "Old Man" launched into a passionate speech about casting off the idea of race as a cultural determinant, and said we were one race, the human race. His voice echoed throughout the chamber growing louder until - I kid you not - he was yelling, "So Say We All," and the crowd answered right back. Hell, even I yelled it, I was in the fraking United Nations with Adama, the gods themselves could not have stopped this moment. It was surreal - the entire audience turned into one massive optimistic/role-playing/saddened goosebump, because who knows when we'll ever hear those words again? And then we were doubly geeked out when, as if on cue, Mary McDonnell turned to Olmos and put her hand on his cheek. But the real chills came from realizing that this treasured television show had actually opened up the lines of communication between the audience and the United Nations. BSG has made people think about the troubling deeds happening in darkened rooms in the present day, not just on a spaceship in the future. And this was just the beginning of the night. The UN continued to screen clips from BSG and the conversation moved on to outlawing the right to choose aboard the Galactica, and how difficult it was for Mary McDonnell to get through filming those scenes. And then, to suicide bombings in the resistance on New Caprica. The show's producer, Ronald D. Moore, discussed writing Saul Tigh's troubling pro-suicide bombing lecture where he tells the ex-president to leave her moral scruples about his terrorist actions at the door, because he's got a war to win. The rationale that they gave Saul to justify his actions was, "more frightening and more disturbing because he wasn't crazy," Moore said. "I felt like it was important to put that idea out there and make people think about it because people who do these things are human beings." And he was right.
The Assistant Secretary-General for Policy Planning, Robert Orr, admitted that he hasn't talked about terrorism or nuclear armageddon in a social situation since 1982 (although he talks about those issues daily at work). "We don't like to confront these issues in our lives, but they are real," said Orr. "If a show can get us thinking about it and talking about it, then Amen, because it isn't easy." Ahem, I think you meant, "Thank the gods." But he's got a point, and I don't think there is another show on television that could recreate last night at the United Nations, by addressing current issues in such a manner.
It was chill-inducing to see how far BSG had come. What was once a struggling miniseries now sits front and center in the Chambers of the United Nations, creating a dialogue amongst fans, 100 attending high school students (who all came prepped with astounding questions), politicians and activists. Let's hope that BSG'snight inspires future scifi series to at least attempt to address the reality of the world we live in today, you'll be missed old girl."

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Legendary GMCLA "Proud Mary"

The Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles captures the "essence" of Tina Turner.

I Need To Buy Some IKEA Furniture

IKEA and Homosexuality

“Homosexuality is one of the essential elements of living in contemporary society.”

Official IKEA spokesperson’s response to pressure from grumpy Polish Catholics (namely a letter writing campaign) who had a hoo haa because they wanted queer couples removed from the IKEA catalog. The item in question was, according to The Ikea Fans Blog the most recent “IKEA Family Live 2009 publication, 12 archetypes of different family makeup are presented under the slogan ‘Family life is changing … Welcome to the new era.’ One of the 12 example families presented is Ian and Steve, page 54 -57 (see item 1 and item 2), who have no interest in having children, but enjoy their IKEA Kitchen and herb garden and their awesome digs.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


#17 I think that says it all. 17th ACC Tournament Championship DUKE
On to the NCAA Tourney

ACC Tourney and on to the NCAA's

Ok, I've spent the morning watching ESPN, reading the blogs and having my coffee. Sprinkled in among all the hoopla about bubble teams, who's going to get a #1 Seed in the NCAA Tourney and today's ACC Tournament Championship game have been some really humorous yet annoying Tarheel fan comments. It is amazing to me the audacity of unc fans and their inability to accept defeat graciously. Sure they report the 73-70 loss to FSU. But how do they handle it or how do they report it. They only refer to the fact that Ty Lawson did not play. They don't even consider that they just got beat. Back in January when they played FSU (and Lawson was playing) they barely squeaked by with a 3 point win. Give FSU their props. THEY BEAT you....fair and square.

One blogger even went so far as to say.."now the practice is over and we can turn our attention to what's important and the National Championship". It breaks me up. Had they not lost, the ACC Championship would be like the "Holy Grail". It's only because they are not in it that it is now unimportant. If the ACC tourney was so unimportant, why suit up your starters for even the first game. Why not just throw the quarterfinal game and rest up everyone for the NCAA tourney??? Why, because an ACC Championship is a really big thing, unless you're a Tarheel fan and your team isn't it in. Come on people. Have a little grace...oh sorry, I forgot who I was speaking about. It's not in their cellular makeup. UNC fans never consider anything or anyone except that putrid shade of blue. Sore LOSERS. That's all. Today's DUKE/FSU ACC Championship game should be a good one. And I, as a DUKE fan, will be thrilled if Duke wins...but if they don't, good for Florida State. They've never had one and more power to them. But I won't have that dismissive UNC attitude like it doesn't mean anything. Tarheel fans, get off your high horse before someone knocks you off. Falling is much more painful.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What does one do when one is bored at work??

What do you do when you are at work, with plenty to do, but bored and just simply don't want to do it? Me, I go to my blog, or to facebook or Twitter, and type. Today we had nearly 3 hours worth of homes to tour during caravan. And that was only after 3 homes were dropped from tour this morning and I don't even know how many were removed yesterday. JEEZ! My mind was a blur.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Incredible! Judge finds defendant not criminally responsible in bus beheading

Remember the bus beheading in Canada? Where the man just went off on a fellow passenger, for no reason, and beheaded him.
Well, the judge has ruled the man is not criminally responsible. His DNA will be kept on file, but he won't have a criminal record.
Needless to say, the victims family is upset.

Read the full story here .   A big thank you to OMG for first posting this.   What is up with our society folks?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Anoop Desai & American Idol

The much cheered for, Anoop "Dog" Desai, from Chapel Hill is on to the next round of American Idol.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How Lame am I??

How Lame Am I? Sitting here watching "American Idol".  Well I'm not JUST watching American Idol, I'm also sneezing, wheezing, coughing and blowing my nose.  Yep, folks..I'm getting a cold.  I know, it couldn't happen to a nicer person, right?  Eat me!   I feel so bad, that rather than sit up and reach over to the end table and pick up the remote, I'd rather torture myself by watching this inane show.  I know it has brought us some really good talent in the past...and it probably will again. But let's face it. It's not just talent anymore..it's looks (even though music video's are dying a QUICK death).  Now the judges are picking 8 to come back for them to pick 3 more out (wildcards).
And the Wild Cards are.....drum roll...or yawn:
  • Vaughn Smith (the cutey patootie with the tenor voice and bazooka joe haircut)
  • Jasmine Murray (gorgeous young lady with some great commercial appeal)
  • Ricky Braty (sp?)  Don't know anything about him..and don't care.
  • Meagan  (didn't even give her last name....no chance)
  • Tatiana (oh my gods....have the judges lost their minds???????)
  • Matt (again, no last name, dont' know anything about him)
  • Jessie (didn't catch the last name)
  • Anoop Desai (YEAH>>>...he's from Chapel Hill)....you go boy!!!!!

Ok, thus far, from what I have seen...and heard, the judges have continually commented on the contestants Look, Wardrobe, Hair...etc.  So look at the group the judges choose to give a 2nd chance.  The most unattractive contestants (as a whole) there were.  Well, American Idol is nothing if not inconsistant.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Doesn't March usually mean spring???

Doesn't March usually mean spring??? Well not this year apparently. After 3 days of solid rain, it turned to snow last night and we woke up to this. YEAH! no work today :)

Tree outside my window

Front yard

Front Yard

Back Yard

Back Yard

Sunday, March 1, 2009

BSG Recap: 2/27/09 episode

Ok, so here is the latest episode recap and I promise this one will not be as long as the previous.

OPENING SEQUENCE: Recap of previous episode
We learn that the Cylon organic resin that they have put in the ship isn't working as well as hoped. Ellen & Boomer arrive on the Galactica and Boomer is promptly arrested. Starbuck finds her dead self in her Raptor on Earth.

New Episode-
Scenes bounce back and forth between Kara getting ready for the day's pilot briefing, the briefing itself and her in the bar drinking listening & bickering with a man composing music at the piano. This is going to be a heavy Kara/Starbuck episode.
Kara sees her dead self in the mirror.

Tyrol, Tigh, Lee, the Admiral and Laura meet to discuss the status of the Galactica. Lee congratulates a 6 for being elected to the Quorum. She promptly informs them that as soo as she takes office, she is going to officially ask that Boomer be turned over to the cylons to face charges of treason, with the death penalty on the line. Of course the Chief doesn't take too kindly to this news.

OPENING CREDITS: Nothing new here although more flashes from what looks like this weeks episode.

The ship is rattling and apparently things are going from bad to worse pretty quickly on the Galactica. Showers not working correctly, ship is shaking, electrical issues.

Sam is still unconscious in the hospital with Kara & the doctor at his bedside. Tory, Ellen & an 8 are hovering discussing what might be going on with him and suggesting hooking him up to the data stream. Doc throws them out.

More Kara in the bar and more bad piano playing. She derides the piano player to play something or quite. He is composing so keeps playing the same few notes over and over. Something tells me that what we are seeing is not really what is going on. Meanwhile, the chief is having dreams of him and Boomer. It won't be long now before he goes to the brig to see her. Recap of some of the death scene of Boomer when the Chiefs first wife kills her.

Flash to Helo's quarters. Hera is drawing and in comes Kara. Helo has bought back some of Kara's personal belongings from when she disappeared. A locker is full of it. Helo gives Kara a copy of a tape of her father, Dreilide Thrace "Live at the Helice Opera House". Apparently that is all she wants, 'cause she tells Helo to keep the rest. Hera gives Kara a drawing of stars....or so we are led to believe at this point.

Tyrol visits Boomer in the brig. They talk a little, try to touch hands and WHOA...Boomer tried a cylon projection of a scene of them on Picon in a house living a perfect little fairy tale life. Tyrol pulls back, freaked out and runs away.

More piano playing in the bar. Kara moves up to the piano and sits next to the piano player. Is this piano player her father? Meanwhile, Tyrol, Tory, Ellen & Tighe are sitting and discussing the Boomer issue. Tyrol wants them to stop the cylons from taking her and trying her for treason. None of them are in favor. Ellen says she will testify that Boomer helped her escape, but that is it. This is not something they should interfere with. Back to the brig and Tyrol/Boomer. They do the Cylon projection again, this time Tyrol is willing and she shows him the life she has dreamed up in her head based on their plans before everyone found out she was Cylon.
He likes it this time...a very sweet life which includes a daughter. Tears and determination to not let Boomer die.

Piano playing. Now Kara talks about her father teaching her to play the piano. Talks about a song her father taught her.

Tyrol asks the president not to sign over Boomer to the Cylons. Amazing how the regular Cylons no longer have such respect and awe for the Final 5. Should Tyrol be able to demand they not do this? Then it starts to get a little sticky. Tyrol knocks out an 8 working on the ship and substitutes her for Boomer. Uh Oh.....I see trouble coming.

Piano Playing. Now Kara joins in when the piano player in a duet after complaining that her father left and never came back. Wasn't Daniel and artist? Didn't Cavel do away with all the Daniels? I'm beginning to believe more and more that Kara is the daughter of Daniel. Kara begins to try to play the song that her father taught her. Tears, hesitation....then she asks the piano player to play.

Aethena is washing up and in comes Boomer. Boomer beats her and ties her up. Then Helo comes home and is in the mood for a little "fun". Boomer plays along and they have sex on the floor with Aethena looking through an slight opening in the door. Nothing like watching your husband screw a you that isn't you.

More piano with Kara. She can't quite remember. He draws out soem music notes. It looks just like the stars that Hera drew. She pulls out the drawing and they lay the "stars" under a blank sheet of music so that they can see the notes through the page (thin paper obviously) then begin to play. The final 5 Cylons here it and it's the song that drew them all together when they realized they were Cylons. Boomer, disquised as Aethena, goes to the nursery and get's Hera, stuffs her in a trunk and she and Tyrol put the trunk in a jumper. Boomer is about to make a getaway with Hera. They say a tearful, smooch goodbye.

Piano playing. Kara looks closely at the man and imagines her father with her. Just then Tighe comes up and grabs her and asks her " Where did you learn to play that song?" "I played it as a kid, my father..." she turns to the man on the bench next to her and he isn't there. Never was. It was all in her head. Tory sees the drawing on the piano and asks "who did this?".

Briefing room...in staggers Aethena and she tells Helo that Boomer has Hera and it was Boomer than he screwed. Meanwhile, Boomer is sitting in the jumper waiting to launch. Everyone knows who is really is and they are trying to delay her. The Admiral tells her to shut down, but she fires up her engines and starts to power up her FTL drive. She tells them that Hera is on board. They retract the flight pods but Boomer starts moving the jumper towards the opening while firing up her FTL. Just as she exits the flight bay, she jumps and tears a hole in the side of Galactica. Explosions throughout the ship. Just then in the flight bay, Tyrol sees Helo & Aethena screaming at the officer in charge of the flight bay about how did a 3 year old child get by him. Another crew member tells Tyrol that Boomer took Hera out of the nursery and that Hera was on the ship with Boomer. Tyrol is stunned when he realizes what has happened. How he was played. The president faints in her quarters upon realizing that Hera is gone. The entire thing was orchestrated. Helping Ellen escape, getting to Hera and taking her back to Cavil.

Kara is laying on the bed with Sam listening to her father play the piano and the music is playing in the backgroud. Tyrol goes to the Cylon projected house he shared with Boomer and it's empty...daughter gone too.

I am believing more and more that Kara is the daughter of a Daniel. That when Cavil boxed them, that was when her father disappeard. How she was "recreated" after visiting earth...not sure. The resurrection ship still existed, but they would have had to have a Kara model. However, it is apparent that alot is still going to happen in the last 3 episodes. That we are not done with the other Cylons and there are still plenty of surprises to come.